In this book, we will have 20 authors who will help women feel sexually healthy, sexually educated, and sexually empowered. 
This book will be available on:
Womanhood: Identity to Intimacy and Everything in Between
will cover everything from contraceptives to infertility, from sexual identity to reproductive cancers, from problems in the bedroom to raising sexually aware kids and abuse prevention.

Women can turn into this book when they're having a sexual issue, knowing that when they open this book, they are going to find both a solution or resource for their issue, and the empowerment to get through it.
Motherhood unlocked a portal of pain Krystal Casey didn’t realize existed within her. Years of traditional treatment proved unsuccessful, so she began exploring natural healing methods, which led her to yoga. 

Eventually, she started teaching aerial yoga classes and women’s sexual health workshops. She even opened a local studio. It was a wonderfully chaotic and heady time, but overnight it all came crashing down. 

Krystal was blindsided when her husband of 11 years was charged with sexual abuse against a minor. Within weeks of her discovery, he overdosed and was gone. 
She was shattered and almost gave up; but with 5 children to love, that wasn’t an option. She knew from her past work that the way to reignite her fire was through the body, so she returned to her yoga practice. Through months of self-care, self-intimacy, and self-empowerment, she discovered a strength that lifted her from the ashes of her past.   
Now, as an author, instructor and empowerment coach, Krystal is on a mission to help others harness their feminine power. She shares her experiences to encourage women to honor and heal their past trauma so they can learn to embrace their sexual strength today and step confidently into tomorrow.

Empowering Women: An Intimate Connection
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